Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Mountains!

I am kind of living in the corner of the city!
While on terrace I can see the mountains. They remind me those many places I have ever been to!

Especially in the evening I can only imagine the sea behind it! At night the very blue sky! While its raining here, I can see snow there!

Mountains are not as such a blockade to our sight. They are very live and transparent too!

            I can see my expectations as high as these mountains!
            I can see these mountains filled with my sorrows!
At times…
            I can see them as a compilation of my happy moments!

Everything I can imagine about these mountains is not surprising.  That every ‘feeling’ one can quote is applicable to these mountains!

The deciduous nature of forests here in India makes these mountains more beautiful in the monsoon. Same thing what sadness does to happiness regularly!

As of now - I love these mountains a lot. That’s it!


Saturday, 3 June 2017


At times in life .. some moments will surprise..rather shocks you!
Many things in our life are unexpected!

…Sorry from someone is unexpected!
…Thanks from someone is unexpected!
…Same for Don’t like you! Or Love you!

Till now, I understood this unexpected things to a great extent. Still sometimes I don’t find this as even okay!
For example we all think that Question paper in exam and Result - both are surprising for all. Actually its not true completely! Because every topper knows that they are at least not going to be failed in the exam. But what if a doubtful aspirant (who was not sure about his passing even!) came to be a topper in that exam?
Though I am in this dilemma since last couple of days. It actually took me to a whole new world of unexpectations!!
I am still thinking a lot about such things.. analyzing few such cases.. !! 
Just one thing I am sure of is –
“Unexpected things are always subjective.”