Monday 2 December 2019


The shameful incidence happened recently  in Hyderabad has shocked all of us. I am feeling deeply sad. I am Making an attempt to write something for social awareness. But just ended writing these lines! 
It may not be correct in terms of language, it may not be correct in many other terms  like words and feelings, but it is what strucks to my mind.  Kindly forgive me if something disturbs you emotionally. My honest intension here is to make society aware about women's  safety. 



I am Feeling - not alone;
There are many stars with me. Not shining though! 

There is a deep darkness everywhere.. ; 
No source of light can break it's presence. 
Darkness .. yes 'The darkness' ! 

There are some sounds that  can't be stopped; 
noice- that can't be heard..! 
Sound? Noice.!  That's all were myth. 

It can only be the 'Grave' ; that can be listened to.
If ever by anyone! If ever at any place! 

I was dead before they burnt me. I
was dead before they raped me. 
I was dead before they forced me. 
But I died for 'the reason' - they helped me! 

Cars were running and no one stopped.
Should I Thanks, that- no more added??? 

I was  Not just raped,
Not just murdered!
And  Not  just burnt alive!
I was destroyed with every passing second of this human planet. 

I was destroyed with every staring vision on my body parts! 
everyday!  Every second ! 
And I was destroyed at every place! 

I just mate ' Nirbhaya ' here. . 
Oh... That's not her name actually.
Her name was something that she forgot way before she died. 
Her name was something that was kept hidden, 
Kept hidden to ensure her social status alive! If not herself! 

She told me that she was not that lucky to got burnt alive. 
She was alive then to listen to the sayings of the society that- 

 Late night travel was her mistake! 

To travel with her friend was her mistake! 

To born as a girl was her mistake! 

And then only she died ! 
Yes... willingly.. ! 

I mate here with many such stars.... 

many 'Girls' stars 
who were  raped and murdered. 
many  ' child girls ' stars 
who were killed for the violent Libido!

Many ' daughters and wives' stars
Who were killed for the 'social honour'.

 They all asked me to be settled down. 
And suggested me not to hear to the world's reactions.! 
Not to expect justice ever. 
As justice 'NOW' is a myth! 

They asked me to pray hard! 

They asked me to pray hard ! 

To get the birth of any animal in the next life; 
 if not a 'Human? male ! 

I was silent. I am silent! 

I was silent. I am silent! 

#Justice for priyanka reddy Hyderabad.

-Dinesh T
01 Dec 2019

Saturday 24 June 2017

The Mountains!

I am kind of living in the corner of the city!
While on terrace I can see the mountains. They remind me those many places I have ever been to!

Especially in the evening I can only imagine the sea behind it! At night the very blue sky! While its raining here, I can see snow there!

Mountains are not as such a blockade to our sight. They are very live and transparent too!

            I can see my expectations as high as these mountains!
            I can see these mountains filled with my sorrows!
At times…
            I can see them as a compilation of my happy moments!

Everything I can imagine about these mountains is not surprising.  That every ‘feeling’ one can quote is applicable to these mountains!

The deciduous nature of forests here in India makes these mountains more beautiful in the monsoon. Same thing what sadness does to happiness regularly!

As of now - I love these mountains a lot. That’s it!


Saturday 3 June 2017


At times in life .. some moments will surprise..rather shocks you!
Many things in our life are unexpected!

…Sorry from someone is unexpected!
…Thanks from someone is unexpected!
…Same for Don’t like you! Or Love you!

Till now, I understood this unexpected things to a great extent. Still sometimes I don’t find this as even okay!
For example we all think that Question paper in exam and Result - both are surprising for all. Actually its not true completely! Because every topper knows that they are at least not going to be failed in the exam. But what if a doubtful aspirant (who was not sure about his passing even!) came to be a topper in that exam?
Though I am in this dilemma since last couple of days. It actually took me to a whole new world of unexpectations!!
I am still thinking a lot about such things.. analyzing few such cases.. !! 
Just one thing I am sure of is –
“Unexpected things are always subjective.”


Tuesday 1 November 2016

संपूर्ण ...

धूसर प्रकाश 
         - शक्यतेचा 
असावे चिंतन बहुदा, 

         - सरणापुढील...  

सारे काही संपूर्ण. 
सुटलेल्या गोष्टींचा स्विकार; 
       -तोही संपूर्णच 

सर्वदूर दिसताहेत 
       मने हसणारी 
अन क्वचितच कुठेतरी 
      उगीच रुसनारी  
ती सगळी दिसताहेत 
     तशीच संपूर्ण ... 

प्राप्त गोष्टींचा 
      अहंकारही आहेच!! 
पण किती ?? 
      अन किती वेळ ???

आता तीव्र ऊन 
         संघर्ष केलेला

जे भोगले त्याने भागले का?
हाच एक प्रश्न ?
संघर्ष !!

प्रश्न ?

संघर्ष !!

सगळे  सोबती 
         मित्र, नाते अन कुटुंब 
मित्र !!!
         मित्रच सारे....  

सोहळे आनंदाचे 
                जीत आणि हार 
आनंदच दोन्ही...  
             देणारे सगळे
               मित्रच सारे ... 

आता फक्त  

दुसरं काय ?

आभाळातील सारे तारे 
अवकाशातील सारे दृश्य 


                  काळोख आणि उजेड 

             वेळ आणि जागा 

  सारे काही सारखेच.. 


                सुख आणि दुःख 

                    चांगले आणि वाईट 

सारे काही सारखेच.. 


फक्त आठवणीच 
संपूर्ण .. 
संपूर्ण .. 


Sunday 1 March 2015

माझी अध्यात्माची संकल्पना

  गेल्या २-३ वर्षांपासून - संपुर्ण भारतातील विविध विचारसरणीच्या व्यक्तींशी नवनवीन विषयांवर चर्चा करण्याची संधी मला  मिळत आली आहे. आज माझे अध्यात्म  या विषयावरील विचार व्यक्त करण्यापूर्वी मी काही सतत विचारल्या जाण्याऱ्या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे देऊ इच्छितो. .

 Q- Do you believe in god?

  Ans- It depends on to whom do you consider as god.


 Q- What do you think about  Atma, Swarga and Narka, etc..Do they exist?

  Ans- I don't know. And to say more about it- I really don't want to know.

  Q- Are you an Atheist?

  Ans- No. I am not completely an atheist.

 आता मुळ विषयावर येण्यापूर्वी माझ्यासाठीचा एक यक्षप्रश्न -

   माझा एक Atheist (नास्तीक)  मित्र आहे - दर्शन त्याचं नाव. (त्याच्या या छानश्या नावामध्ये आणि व्यक्तिमत्वामध्ये बराच फरक आहे, हे मी इथे आवर्जून नमूद करू इच्छितो.) त्याचा आवडता छंद  म्हणजे आम्हा मित्रांना दरवेळी बुद्धीला ताण देणारे नवीन प्रश्न विचारणे होय . अशातच त्याने ( काहीसा जुनाच परंतु वेगळाच ) एक प्रश्न उपस्थित करून अनेकांना (इथल्या आस्तिक मंडळींना) त्रास देणे सुरु केले आहे . 

प्रश्न - जर सर्व माणसांमध्ये देव आहे तर मग चोरी, बलात्कार,  दरोडे, नक्सली हल्ले, इ  कृत्ये करणाऱ्या माणसांमध्येही देव असतो का ? असतो तर देवच हे घडवतो का ? (कारण देवाने सर्व नियती आधीच ठरवलेली असते ना !! सर्व गोष्टींचा कर्ता -कर्वीता  तर देवच असतो ना !! )आणि नसतो तर मग देव काय फ़क़्त चांगल्या व्यक्तींमध्येच  असतो का ? 

       त्याच्या या प्रश्नाने खरं तर मला बराच विचार करण्यास भाग पाडले . For a while he (then) succeeded in making me at least (temporarily)An Agnostic!!  परंतू आज मला वाटतंय  की या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मला सापडले आहे . माझे उत्तर या  blog च्या पुढच्या post मध्ये ....  तोपर्यंत तुम्हीही  नक्कीच विचार करा.


Tuesday 13 January 2015


For those persons on this planet who never interacted with Punjabis - "you perhaps have missed the best friendship and great hospitality." And if any of you have/had any Punjabi as roommate then I am sure that you have/had seen both the heaven and hell within your room!!
         In Delhi, I happened to meet my 3 punjabi friends who, initially for me, were just my room mates, later they became headache, later became best buddies and now (after sharing almost a year with them!) I call them as - 'sadde dil de tukde'
         Let me introduce them (I wish I could exactly!!)  1)Sherry maan 2) gurdas mann and 3) gippy garewal. and you know by what name they call me today? - Diljeet! These are not their original names. these are the names i gave to them. actually all these names belongs to the very famous singers from punjab! and one thing I'm damn sure of is that any of these singers ever heard the singing voice of any of my room mates then he will surely retire being humiliated! 

         let's go one by one...

1. A.K. (gurudas maan)

         he's the most healthy person in our room. when i first meet him- he then just achieved the landmark of 100 K.G weight! Then in next year he ends up eating tonnes of food..three times a day consistently!! He tried hard to reduce his weight with innovative ideas which never had worked out.!! Apart from eating he has another great hobby of snoring!! Believe me He is the best at it. No other friend or relative of mine can beat him at snoring!! Even our owner and neighbors will agree on this!! Jokes apart, let me tell you one nice thing about AK is that-  He is the most loyal lover with great honesty towards his love!! 

2. A.J. (Sherry maan)

         He is the most nostalgic person in our block. He used to share stories from his school and college days with us and every-time a new one!! Every-time he logged in Facebook - he find many of his friends online for chatting. One must appreciate his amazing speed of chatting,typing,insertion of variety of smilies etc.. He used to chat with more than 10 friends at a time being ahead of everyone there!! sometimes any of our roommate comes online then he starts chatting with him online within room only!! Apart from social networking he have a fantastic hobby of shopping.
         Yes. A young boy (and not a girl or a woman ) have shopping as his Hobby!! Some of His best achievements in online shopping are:
*Onion for only 9 Rs/Kg when it was almost 100 Rs/kg in Delhi last year!

*16 GB Pen Drive- 10 pieces each for just 02 Rs!! (I too got one from him :) )
*Rebok shoes pair for just 300 Rs whose market price is 3500 Rs.!!
*Free prepaid  Recharge 'n' number of times! (His mobile balance is 1800 Rs!!)
*Set of 50 Reynolds pen in just 09 Rs!!
And many more..
  Many times his orders were cancelled but he ends up getting considerably huge amount as an apology from service provider for not fulfilling their commitments apart from his own refund!! Thanks to AJ that we get a new courier almost everyday!! Nowadays- almost all shopping sites are dealing with our address cautiously!!

3. K.D. (Gippy gariwal)

          There are some people on this planet who never feel sadness! KD is such a jolly person. He manages to be happy at every situation. (Unlike A.K.) Our KD  has no regrets from past. He has a wide range of hobbies. Gaming,Travelling, Boozing, Music, chatting, etc.. I must appreciate his humor. He has the ability to create joke from all the things happening around! One more nice thing about KD is he is very good at giving surprises to us on every special occasion. I remember his gift for me on my B.Day. It was a humiliating call from an anchor of Radio Mirchi!!!
         KD is a cool person. As we all (roommates) love to enjoy weekends - KD has his own kind of celebration!! A bottle of wine with gazals of jagjeet singh in the chair in gallery of our flat... he enjoys such type of ambiance a lot!!
         AK, AJ, KD and me!! Together we had enjoyed a very good time. At times we had conflicts within us but fortunately our friendship not only survived but also flourished out of it. Tomorrow all crazy 4's are moving to different places with lot of memories to cherish!! Except me staying in Delhi (but with changed address) all those lovely punjabis will leave me and this beautiful area of Delhi!! AK is going back to Patiala, Punjab. AJ will join his ex roommate in Gonda,U.P. KD will leave for Manglore, Karnataka. It is hard to believe that we are going to be separated this much early!!

Many times- when I get an opportunity to interact with such diverse minds- I always think to write about their personality in a book like one of my favorite Marathi author P.L.Deshpande did in his book- 'Vyakti Ani Valli' (I wish that could be a non fiction!!). But with the (artificial) scarcity of time and many more reasons I simply could not. So today I decide to write a blog on these punjabi friends. One last thing- I know I will miss all of them in coming days being in Delhi without their company but I know that wherever they go- they all will also miss me and .... Maharashtra. :)


Thursday 7 August 2014

काही घटना - CRITICAL ANGLE

     १. नैसर्गिक आपत्ती 

                 वेळ दुपारी एकच्या सुमारासची …. पुण्यातील एका मोठ्या I.T.  कंपनी मध्ये काम करणारी माझी एक मैत्रीण व तिचा ग्रुप …. चर्चेचा विषय टि . व्ही . वरील ब्रेकिंग न्यूज - माळीन गावातील दुर्घटना !!! चर्चेमध्ये सहानुभूतीच्या भावनेला भीतीच्या भावनेने केव्हाच मागे टाकले . अत्यंत सुशिक्षित  समजल्या जातात अश्या Software Engineer असणाऱ्या माझ्या मैत्रिणीचे पुढील वाक्य ऐकले आणि मनाला खूप वाईट वाटले. वाक्य होते - " इतक्या जणांचा अचानक मृत्यू झाल्याने आता तिथे भूतांचा डोंगर तयार होईल "!!!
                  घडलेल्या दुर्घटनेबाबत नैसर्गिक आपत्तीसंबंधी चर्चा न करता , त्यासाठी कुठलीही मदत न पाठवता, भविष्यात अशा घटना वेळेआधी कळावीत म्हणून काही Innovative पर्यायांची चर्चा न करता, किमान हळहळ देखील व्यक्त न करता या Software Engineer ला त्या जागेवर मेलेल्या माणसांची भूते होतील हे सुचनेच खरे दुर्दैव म्हणायचे!!!

     २. सामाजिक कार्ये 

                   नेहमीप्रमाणे CRY या संस्थेला देणगीचे पैसे Online पद्धतीने देण्याची प्रक्रीया चालू होती. माझेच काही शालेय मित्र चाललेली प्रक्रीया पाहून चिडले आणि म्हणाले - असे फुकट पैसे नेत्यांना वाटणे म्हणजे मूर्खपणाचे होय. मी जेव्हा त्यांना सांगितले की CRY हि एक विश्वस्त संस्था आहे वगैरे वगैरे तेव्हा त्यांनी दहा वेगवेगळी उदाहरणे देऊन हे सिद्ध करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला की देशात सर्व NGO  भ्रष्टाचार करण्यासाठीच निर्माण झाल्या आहेत!!!
               सामाजिक कार्याचे व्रत हाती घेतलेल्या आणि निस्वार्थपणे प्रसंगी पदरचे पैसे टाकून सामाजिक कर्तव्य निभावणार्या कितीतरी NGO'S आजही जगात कार्यरत आहेत यावर सध्याच्या तरुण पिढीचा विश्वास नाही. सरसकट सगळेच नेते भ्रष्ट आणि सगळ्याच NGO'S भ्रष्ट असे हे लोक मानतात!!! खरा मूर्खपणा कशात आहे हे त्यांना समजावून सांगणे हे खरच कठीण काम वाटते!!!

    ३. अर्थशास्त्र

                  रश्मी बन्सल या माझ्या आवडत्या लेखिकेचे एक वाक्य मला खूप आवडते -" आजचे जग हे ज्याला अर्थशास्त्र चांगले समजते त्यांच्यासाठी खुल्या संधींचे महासागर आहे." कुठल्याही सुज्ञ माणसाने १००% सहमत व्हावे असे हे वाक्य आहे. इथे मात्र मला वर्तमान पत्रात धक्कादायक बातम्या वाचायला मिळत आहेत. KBC  प्रकरण हे खरच घडून गेलं यावर विश्वास बसत नाहीये!! " पैसे गुंतवा - अल्पावधीत दुप्पट-चौपट मोबदला मिळेल " यावर अजूनही आपल्याकडील लोकं ( सुशिक्षित देखील! ) विश्वास ठेवतात हेच मुळी  अविश्वसनीय वाटते!!!
      अर्थशास्त्र हे खरतरं जगाला भारताने दिलेली देणगी!! चाणक्याने २००० वर्षांपूर्वी दिलेली शिकवण फसलेल्या माणसांपैकी कुणीही वाचली असती तर तो नक्कीच फसला नसता!!! सांगण्याचे तात्पर्य एवढेच की - प्रत्येक भारतीयाला अर्थशास्त्राचे किमान ज्ञान असायला हवे. आपल्या देशाचे एकूण  उत्पन्न किती ? त्यापैकी कुठल्या मार्गाने सर्वाधिक उत्पन्न मिळते ? भारताचा कुठे कुठे आणि किती खर्च होतो ? शिक्षणावर तसेच संरक्षणावर इतर देशांच्या तुलनेत आपण किती टक्के खर्च करतो ? आपल्या देशावर किती कर्ज आहे ? इत्यादी प्रश्नांची उत्तरे आपणास माहित असायलाच हवी. हे शक्य नसेल तर किमान KBC  सारख्या फसव्या उद्योगांच्या नादी  कुठलीही भारतीय व्यक्ती लागू नये - एवढेच!!!!!

                                                          * AMBITION *