Monday 2 December 2019


The shameful incidence happened recently  in Hyderabad has shocked all of us. I am feeling deeply sad. I am Making an attempt to write something for social awareness. But just ended writing these lines! 
It may not be correct in terms of language, it may not be correct in many other terms  like words and feelings, but it is what strucks to my mind.  Kindly forgive me if something disturbs you emotionally. My honest intension here is to make society aware about women's  safety. 



I am Feeling - not alone;
There are many stars with me. Not shining though! 

There is a deep darkness everywhere.. ; 
No source of light can break it's presence. 
Darkness .. yes 'The darkness' ! 

There are some sounds that  can't be stopped; 
noice- that can't be heard..! 
Sound? Noice.!  That's all were myth. 

It can only be the 'Grave' ; that can be listened to.
If ever by anyone! If ever at any place! 

I was dead before they burnt me. I
was dead before they raped me. 
I was dead before they forced me. 
But I died for 'the reason' - they helped me! 

Cars were running and no one stopped.
Should I Thanks, that- no more added??? 

I was  Not just raped,
Not just murdered!
And  Not  just burnt alive!
I was destroyed with every passing second of this human planet. 

I was destroyed with every staring vision on my body parts! 
everyday!  Every second ! 
And I was destroyed at every place! 

I just mate ' Nirbhaya ' here. . 
Oh... That's not her name actually.
Her name was something that she forgot way before she died. 
Her name was something that was kept hidden, 
Kept hidden to ensure her social status alive! If not herself! 

She told me that she was not that lucky to got burnt alive. 
She was alive then to listen to the sayings of the society that- 

 Late night travel was her mistake! 

To travel with her friend was her mistake! 

To born as a girl was her mistake! 

And then only she died ! 
Yes... willingly.. ! 

I mate here with many such stars.... 

many 'Girls' stars 
who were  raped and murdered. 
many  ' child girls ' stars 
who were killed for the violent Libido!

Many ' daughters and wives' stars
Who were killed for the 'social honour'.

 They all asked me to be settled down. 
And suggested me not to hear to the world's reactions.! 
Not to expect justice ever. 
As justice 'NOW' is a myth! 

They asked me to pray hard! 

They asked me to pray hard ! 

To get the birth of any animal in the next life; 
 if not a 'Human? male ! 

I was silent. I am silent! 

I was silent. I am silent! 

#Justice for priyanka reddy Hyderabad.

-Dinesh T
01 Dec 2019